Robert J. Lackie

Robert J. Lackie, M.L.I.S, M.A., is currently a Professor-Librarian at Rider University. Robert has taught various communications, identity theft prevention, and information science courses and seminars. He frequently talks about social media tools, ID theft detection and protection, and the integration of web technologies into teaching and learning. Robert has given over 650 presentations on the above topics, among many others, and he has also co-authored the ebookletIdentity Theft: What You Need to Know, among other edited books, nationally-recognized websites and blogs, and various professional and scholarly works.

  • Professor-Librarian at Rider University for the past 23 years
  • Has given over 650 presentations at library, education, and technology conferences and meetings, many on cybersecurity and ID theft prevention
  • Co-authored the ebook Identity Theft: What You Need to Know  
Robert J. Lackie

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