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Madison Gonzalez

Madison Gonzalez is a national public speaker, Storyteller of the Year Award winner, best-selling author of Dear Mirror, and published poet. She is the Executive Director at Morning Light Inc. in Indianapolis. As a non-profit storytelling expert, it is her mission to empower others to share their stories for impact and income. She can be reached at mgonzalez@morninglightinc.org.

  • National public speaker
  • Storyteller of the Year award-winner
  • Best-selling author of Dear Mirror
  • Published poet
  • Executive Director of Morning Light Inc. in Indianapolis
Madison Gonzalez

Courses available by Madison Gonzalez

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Stories Of Struggle: How To Show Your Nonprofit’s Impact Respectfully
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    Stories Of Struggle: How To Show Your Nonprofit’s Impact Respectfully

    Award-winning storyteller and nonprofit executive Madison Gonzalez will share her top tips for ethical storytelling. You will learn how to confidently share stories that will increase awareness and support for your mission.

    Topics covered

    • Whose story should you tell?
    • What is the structure of a good story?
    • What are the four secrets to powerful stories?
    • How can you avoid exploitation and protect identity?
    • How can you promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through stories?
  2. 7 Ways To Identify And Stop Staff Burnout
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    7 Ways To Identify And Stop Staff Burnout

    Nonprofit executive Madison Gonzalez will break down practical tips and reminders on what it takes to foster a positive environment for employees amongst the stress—not just during the busy season, but every day.

    Topics covered

    • How can you identify burnout before it’s too late?
    • How does burnout affect nonprofit funding and programs?
    • What are the best practices to create a people-first culture?
    • What proven steps can you take to improve employees’ mental health?
    • What specific resources can you provide?
    • How can you prevent stress before it happens?
  3. Back To Basics: Best Fundraising Tips
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    Back To Basics: Best Fundraising Tips

    Fundraising expert Madison Gonzalez will explain who to approach for donations and how to speak their language. You will learn how to track interactions and gifts to maximize your results.

    Topics covered

    • What should your fundraising plan include?
    • How can you identify and understand your audience?
    • How will the donor cultivation cycle help you?
    • What is the most effective way to track fundraising efforts?
    • How should you tell the story of your mission?
    • What practices generate the best fundraising results?
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    Back To Basics: Best Fundraising Tips
    Madison Gonzalez
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