Bob Gregg

  • Employment attorney
  • Chair of the employment practice group of Boardman & Clark in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Litigates employment cases, representing employers in all areas of employment law
  • 30 years of experience in employment relations
  • Conducted more than 3,000 seminars
Bob Gregg

Courses available by Bob Gregg

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  1. Nonprofit Volunteers: Understand And Mitigate The Legal Risks
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    Nonprofit Volunteers: Understand And Mitigate The Legal Risks

    Employment law expert Robert Gregg will detail the requirements that govern nonprofits’ use of volunteers. He will help you understand the laws, standards, and obligations to avoid the dangers and effectively use volunteers to accomplish your organization’s mission.

    What You'll Learn

    • What laws and regulations govern the use of volunteers?
    • What can make a volunteer or an intern into an employee in the eyes of the law?
    • What is your potential liability for negligent volunteer management?
    • What policies should you have for volunteers?
    • Is your nonprofit liable for acts of volunteers toward others?
    • How can you prevent lawsuits by volunteers?
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