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Live Q&A Session With Vaccine Creator, Dr. William Haseltine

Dr. William Haseltine
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Due to the limited time and massive amount of fascinating information about COVID-19, all questions may not be answered. You will leave with much more insight into the novel coronavirus and its ongoing impact on your team.

Topics covered

  • OSHA Regulations
  • Vaccines
  • CDC Guidance
  • Other COVID-19 topics

Training Overview

Get live Delta variant answers from a vaccine creator and CNN Contributor.

Ask Dr. William Haseltine your questions.

As questions about the Delta variant, changing mask guidance, and vaccines abound, we have arranged a rare live question and answer session with William Haseltine, Ph.D., a leading COVID-19 expert. He will address the coronavirus topics on your mind, give you information to share with your team, and provide insights into scientific developments that affect your organization.

Scientific knowledge of COVID-19 variants is rapidly evolving. Researchers are learning more about how the new variants spread, why they attack some people more aggressively, and which prevention strategies are most effective. Each fact can inform your employee communications, workplace precautions, and plans for the future.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners

  • School district and higher education leaders

  • Plant managers

  • Clinical staff

  • Operations managers

  • Human resources professionals

  • Safety managers

  • Employee relations staff

  • Location managers

  • Division supervisors

  • Supervisors

  • Managers

  • Safety leaders

  • Leadership team members

  • Department, division, or branch managers

  • Chief executives

  • Executive directors

  • Senior management

  • Program directors


Expert Presenter

William A. Haseltine, Ph.D.

  • Scientist, businessman, author, and philanthropist
  • Chair and President of ACCESS Health International, Inc., a foundation active in the United States, India, China, Singapore, and the Philippines
  • Author and expert interviewee for CNN
  • Author for Scientific American
  • Professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, 1976-1993
  • Founder and chair of the Division of Biochemical Pharmacology and the Division of Human Retrovirology
  • Well-known for his pioneering work on cancer, HIV/AIDS, and genomics
  • Authored more than 200 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals
  • Founded more than a dozen biotechnology companies in fields ranging from the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals to new materials and fuels
  • Founded Human Genome Sciences, Inc. and served as the Chairman and CEO of the company for twelve years
  • Chairman of the Haseltine Foundation for Science and the Arts

See What Others Are Saying:

"I present on Zoom 3-5 times a week, and I was impressed with this presentation from start to finish. Everything was great from the quality of ON24 to the breadth and depth of the presenter. Well done!"

- Jeremiah R.

"It was perfect. He was a great presenter."

- Rosemarie B.

"This was the best session or media event that I have attended concerning COVID"

- Larry M.

"Favorite part: Clear explanations and details"

- Cynthia S.

"Favorite part: Just learning from the incredible knowledge base of the presenter."

- Larry M.

"Favorite part: Much clarification including light shed on J&J vaccine"

- Maryjane O.

"Favorite part: Straight forward & clear answers and opinion for questions being asked."

- Laura D.

"Favorite part: The honesty of the presenter regarding the virus was a positive. He didn't sugar coat it. Refreshing."

-Steve J.

"Favorite part: getting reasonable, rational information"

-Linda R.

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