Kris Hinrichsen

Kris is currently a first-and second-grade teacher at Chinook Elementary School in the Open Optional Program in Anchorage, Alaska. He educates his students on more than just academics; self-control, conflict resolution, and social and emotional learning are also part of the lesson plan. Kris earned his Master’s Degree in the Arts of Teaching in 2011 from Alaska Pacific University. Kris is the 2018 BP Teacher of the Year, nominated because of the special connection he makes with students, drawing them out to understand themselves and realize they can be successful. Kris served on the National Commission for Social, Emotional, and Academic Development as a member of the Council of Distinguished Educators hosted by Aspen Institute and published a national report called “A Nation of Hope." He has served other teachers by offering classes on how to teach SEL to their students for the last 7 years. He took his expertise on SEL to the National ESSA Conference as a presenter in Kansas City in 2019. In 2019, his ideas were published in a book he contributed to called Creating Social and Emotional Learning Environments. He is a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Early Childhood Education.